Leading the way in office interior solution

A warm welcome to the world of Euro Workstation. 1994 was the year when we began and ever since we have been on a continuous growth chart. Over the years, we have provided customized solutions to large corporations, small enterprises and joint ventures, while always maintaining a high standard in quality.

We have partnered almost 175 corporate houses till date and still continue to do business with them. Our product specialisation today extends to a wide variety of modular furniture systems. They enhance the image of the company as well as help in creating happy workplaces. However at the same time, we seek to build a culture of caring for friendly relationships based on mutual trust.

Today, we are recognised by the industry for our capability to maintain a high quality of goods and services, impetus on using top grade & eco-friendly raw materials and precision manufacturing processes. Euro Workstations has proudly achieved the ISO 9001:2000 status in 2006 and till date have maintained an unblemished track record in quality. This is yet another feather in our cap, as we stride towards becoming India’s leading office interior solution provider.

The Indian economy today is growing at an electrifying pace. Indian businesses are opening branches and creating new offices, as they take on the world. More so the reason to create better, vibrant workplaces. Based on this diversified demand, Euro workstation has developed unique modular systems.

Our goal is to provide superior solutions for happy workplaces. We thank you for choosing Euro as your partner. Rest assured that our office solutions will provide you with exceptional value, for years to come.

The Mission

We at Euro, want to become a global provider for modular furniture systems. We  want to build spaces that inspire and helps individuals achieve their goals. Let’s    make the world a better place to work in.

Modest beginning. Big dreams.

Since 1985, Euro Workstation has been handling turnkey projects. We have over 25 years of experience in creating interior designing solutions. In 1994, we began specialising in modular furniture systems and are among the first to realise its potential in India. Currently, we create complete solutions for corporations – whether turnkey projects or modular furniture systems. With an unwavering focus on quality, we want to be the first name for office interior solutions.

Customised To The Customer

The needs of an IT company are different from the needs of a finance firm. So, we focus on the occupation rather than just the office area. Our dedicated Research  and Development team looks into every minute detail, analyzing all possibilities before giving customized solutions. Special attention is also given to your needs  and budgets, so that we can give you maximum value for your investment.

The Expert In Modular Systems

Our expertise lies in modular systems for offices. This system has many advantages – it can be implemented quickly, uses scientific tools for measurement and can be produced in bulk. Corporates around the world today use modular furniture, as it makes great business sense.